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Single Parent Dating Online Free  v.2.1

For those of us that are single parents it can be really hard to find the time to get back out on the dating scene. There is a lot of pressure in being a single parent as every need and want that your child has rests solely on your shoulders and no

Single Parenting Screensa  v.ver 1.0

Single Parenting Screensaver for your Windows

Aliens vs Predator 2 Single-Player Map update  v.1.0

Aliens vs Predator 2 Single-Player Map update 1.0 offers you an application which can fix problems with single-player missions in Aliens vs. Predator 2.Enhancements:Make several changes to the Aliens vs. Predator 2 single-player missionsA work around

Battlefield Vietnam ADZ single-player map pack

Battlefield Vietnam ADZ single-player map pack offers players the pack of three custom single-player coop maps for Battlefield Vietnam. The included maps are Into the Lions Den, Sunset Beach, and Welcome to the


This filter allows you to choose a single hue for your image. It leaves saturation and luminosity values untouched, though it does provide a saturation slider. When you click on the Hue control (color bar), the color picker will pop up and allow you

Monolith Single File Store  v.1

Monolith (lith) is a tiny, java-based embedded file-system like implementation. It allows you to store and retreive multiple sets of named data in a single file and access it without the speed costs typically associated with file

PLDAP-PHP Universal LDAP Single-Sign-On  v.1.0

PLDAP provides a universal LDAP connector; which supports Microsoft AD, IBM Domino, Novell E-Directory, and Open LDAP. It enables PHP programs to implement comprehensive LDAP Single-Sign-On

Single Source Information Server  v.019

SSIS: The Single Source Infomation Server is a suite of applets designed to share information from a single source, a set of MySQL tables, with as many other systems as possible. Starting with PHP, other target systems will be Palm OS PDAs, WAP and

Single to multi-channel C converter  v.

A tool to transform single channel C code into multichannel C code. We are using pyparsing to provide a C sensitive find/replace mechanism. The resulting code is more testable than hand edited. The initial source base is DSP

Single-honeypot  v.0.2

Single-honeypot is a powerfull tool, for security interest about the estudies of techniques of breaking systems.This is, a singular or little honeypot for test your networks for hostiles visitors.This made in perl script. Simulate different

User Mode Single Stepping  v.0.2

umss is a method for single stepping of a Win32 x86 binary without processor support (without TF flag). Its main goal is efficiency of gathering of large quantities of information about process

Round Robin / Single Elimination Grid  v.1.0

Program Based on creating a chosen amount of rounds of round robin as a pre eliminary phase followed up by single elimination as a final phase.

Single Antelope  v.1.0

A single-sign-on(SSO) implementation for web services which are in different security domains. WS-Security profiles are used to establish security.

Petaflop Processor On A Single Chip  v.1.0

A Petaflop Processor on a single chip, which can be incorporated in a handheld device This project should produce all necessaryhardware, software and production method and plant designs.

Single Click Restore Point SCRP  v.1.0

Single Click Restore Point (SCRP) is a small tool for creating a restore point in single click. It will help you create a restore point without go through the System restore Utility. Better to run this tool before a meager change in your computer.

SMUF (Single Multi-User Forth)  v.1.0

SMUF, or Single Multi-User Forth, is a Forth-based compiler/interpreter based loosely on the MUF language available in MUCK servers such as ProtoMUCK or Fuzzball.

MySAL, simple single assignment language  v.1.0

mySAL -- A simple single assignment languageSingle assignment languages are a kind of "functional" languagewhere the parallelism is easy to discover. mySAL is a relativeof SISAL, and old and distinguished SAL. The provided compilerand runtime

Cross-Platform VNC Single Click  v.1.0

The aim of this project is to produce a VNC Single Click application that can be customized and used in Help Desk or other technical support environments.

StatWin Single Lite: Process Monitoring  v.8.3.5

StatWin is a comprehensive computer activity monitoring solution for individuals and businesses. It offers valuable statistics. It lets you analyze how effectively you or your employees are using computers. The software counts aggregate operation

Single File compile plugin for Eclipse  v.1.1.1

Eclipse plugin (only for 3M8 and above) to provide easy way to compile just one file.Use this plugin if you are using ant script to build project which takes long time to recompile and you need to update just one

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